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Q: Why can't I click on the voting button to vote?
A: Sometimes your firewall will block pop-ups. To vote, a pop-up will pop so it will count as a vote. Try looking into your firewall. Also try firefox. I.E.6+ sometimes will block pop-ups by it's self.
Q: Why are the Mangas/Doujins censored?
A: The mangas and doujins that come from Japan come to the USA that way. It's the law in Japan to censore everything that leaves from Japan to other countries. Sometimes you will get a few Mangas that slip by with out getting censored.
Q: Why are the Mangas/Dojins in black & White
A: Most Mangas and Doujins are Black and white to cut cost. Alot of Mangas you get on free and pay sites have mostly black and white pages. has some nice full colors Mangas/Doujins. But it's a paysite.
Q: Why can't I download the movies after I vote?
A: The movies on the site is coded so i wont brun to much BW hosting them. I have a limit on the movies for BW. Once that limit is reach. You will have to wait for the time it posts for you to come back and try to redownload. This way I can keep this site running fast with out slowdown and you guys get free full Hentai Movies.
Q: Will you ever translate the Mangas/Doujins?
A: MMMm.. I would love to! I think that would be something to look forward to down the road. There's many plans I have for this site. I just have to take it a step at a time. But yea I can see that happening real soon.
Q: How many times do you update the site?
A: 2 to 3 times a week.
Q: How can i help with the site?
A: I think the most you can do right now is vote. It may be a pain in the ass sometimes, But it helps. I get more traffic coming back to this site, the higher I'm ranked on rank sites. And that's more traffic for me to my sponsors and they pay the bills. So vote vote vote.
Q: Where do you see this site a year from now?
A: Well that depends on the users and the traffic of the site. I'll always do my part. But I need the users to do there's. I'll always keep it free. If I can't keep it free then i'll just take it down. I love Final Fantasy hentai and I wanted to share that with all Hentai lovers out on the net. And as far as I can see the site is getting alot of good fedback.
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